HUB787 (H787) is the most advanced Cable Landing Station and Data Center in the Caribbean. H787 was designed from the ground up to be a resilient and robust special purpose facility to host submarine cable systems and high-performance computing equipment. H787 is the only building in Puerto Rico, designed according to ANSI/TIA 942 - Tier 3 specifications to achieve a 99.982 availability. H787 resiliency was tested during 2017 hurricanes Irma & Maria when the building ran 42 continuous days on generators before the utility restored the electric grid service. H787 relies on a team of expert engineers whose only mission is to maintain the building and services running seven days by twenty-four (7 x 24). H787 provides an efficient and secure IT environment that enables companies to design state of the art applications that leverage H787 interconnection architecture. Flexible interconnection options help IT developers meet IT application performance and budget requirements. Direct connectivity to Telecommunications providers reduces latency and enhances IT application performance. H787 is the first High-performance EDGE computing facility created in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region. The extensive fiber optic connectivity (local and International) of the H787 is capable of providing ultra-low latency (1 ms) within Puerto Rico and very low latency in the region.