HUB Advanced Networks IoT Platform consists of wireless technology that use standard protocols like: LoRaWan, BLE, SigFox, or ZigBee, to collect and transmit data reliably and securely. This data is transmitted to a device connected to the Internet called Gateway, designed to process millions of transmissions per day, and then transmitted to the cloud, its final destination; where it is processed and presented to the end-user through a dashboard. Options include wireless temperature sensor solutions, temperature, and humidity sensor solutions, and vibration sensor solutions utilizing cloud-based monitoring. Our platform provides centralized management for critical software, application, and configuration updates while providing a window into the health of your deployments. When you automate monitoring and analysis across your enterprise with specialized IoT solutions on a dedicated IoT network, you gain security and operational insights and efficiencies to help you take action.

We work with INOs an important company that provides alternate networking connectivity solutions in a wholesale model to companies with a presence on the east coast of the United States and into the Caribbean, Central America and South America. INOs offers solutions that include data centers in Puerto Rico, access to over 10 Sub-Sea Systems, and a strong presence in the US connecting Tier-1 carriers and, participating international providers in a carrier-neutral marketplace.